Property Management

Property management

We provide Property management services for clients in different real estate segments – retail and business centers in commercial real estate, renting houses and condominium property in residential sector.

Our Property management team acts on behalf of owners controlling and managing property, maximizing the property value in the following areas:

  • Administration of rent payments, service charges, maintenance, tax fees, operating budgets ,security, insurance and administrative procedures
  • Administration of cash and non-cash operations, accounting, budgetting, cost management
  • Management of leasing of the property, rules and procedures for tenants
  • Recommendation as to the most appropriate insurance measures
  • Preparation of regular reports and statements of building administration


Mgr. Daniel Kopecký
Property manager Commercial real estate
Mgr. Daniel KopeckýProperty manager Commercial real estate

Phone: +420 601 353 266

Ing. Petr Svoboda
Property manager Condominium properties
Ing. Petr SvobodaProperty manager Condominium properties

Phone: +420 222 101 171

Zuzana Ságnerová
Property Administrator
Zuzana SágnerováProperty Administrator

Phone: +420 720 048 651