Facility management

Our qualified and trained employees and authorized subcontractors provide a wide range activities in technical maintenance of buildings and engineering systems. We help our clients to optimize the operation of buildings and to provide efficient Facility management services to property owners and tenants.

We manage:

  • Operation, maintenance and repairs, emergency service
  • Authorized service and revisions of engineering systems
  • Energy management and monitoring of energy consumption
  • Subcontractors management and operations cost optimization
  • Service quality monitoring and management
  • Fire protection systems revisions and checks
  • Cleaning service, outdoor maintenance and delivery on consumables


Bc. Tomáš Hálek
Facility Manager
Bc. Tomáš HálekFacility Manager

Phone: +420 720 941 764

Email: halek@rustler.eu

Ing. Jiří Matějka
Facility manager
Ing. Jiří MatějkaFacility manager

Phone: +420 606 054 028

Email: matejka@rustler.eu

Ing. Guy Blase Mbila
Facility manager
Ing. Guy Blase MbilaFacility manager

Phone: +420 720 048 651

Email: mbila@rustler.eu

Jan Seman
Head of operation
Jan SemanHead of operation

Phone: +420 720 048 652

Email:  seman@rustler.eu